2010 Mombasa ITU Triathlon African Cup

By Africa Triathlon | 02 Sep, 2010

At a recent meeting attended by Government officials and the LOC, it was decided that the 2010 Mombasa ITU Triathlon African Cup deserves main concern, as the African Championships will be held in Kenya for the first time next year.

The District Commissioner Mr. Abdi Hassan was very optimistic and confirmed that the full force of the Kenyan Government will be present to ensure security and safety for all the athletes present.

Germany, through Matthias Kiebb and Lars Gehre has come out in support for this year’s event, by organizing communication equipment, which will be used in connection with the event.  Baraka Chai, under Gold Crown Beverages Ltd, offers support to this event and hopes that Kenya and especially Mombasa will move on to host the All Africa Championships 2011.

“This is our time to prove to the World that Kenya can do it”. We have completed the World Cross Country and we need this event, to market our country in the Tourism industry”, Abdi Hassan said.

As usual, the traffic department will ensure complete road closure to allow the athletes sufficient space to compete.  Mr. Abdi appealed to more Elite athletes, especially in the female category to come on board for this event and said that with the live media, there will be lots of fun on the Tropical African Soil. 

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18 - Sep, 2010 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Women
1. Fabienne St Louis MRI 02:08:32
2. Flavia Fernandes BRA 02:11:55
Results: Elite Men
1. Juraci Moreira BRA 01:50:57
2. Harry Wiltshire GBR 01:51:32
3. Mehdi Essadiq MAR 01:52:02
4. Christopher Felgate ZIM 01:52:06
5. Manuel Kueng SUI 01:52:36
6. Rafael Beserra da Fonseca BRA 01:54:09
7. Ben Allen AUS 01:54:46
8. Eero Raudsepp EST 01:54:58
9. Michael Davidson RSA 01:55:12
10. Yonatan Malka ISR 01:58:37