2010 Mombasa ITU Triathlon African Cup Results

By Africa Triathlon | 21 Sep, 2010

This past weekend the 2010 Mombasa ITU Triathlon African Cup was held in Kenya. African athletes dominated the race with five Elite men placing in the top 12. Medhi Essadiq from Morocco placed third in the race, with a time of 01:52:02. Zimbabwean athlete Christopher Felgate finished in fourth place, while the South African Michael Davidson placed ninth. Omar Nour from Egypt was the eleventh athlete to cross the finish line and Reginald Lusala from Kenya came in at number twelve. In the Elite women’s race, Fabienne Aline St. Louis from Mauritius won, with a time of 02:08:32. 

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Results: Elite Women
1. Fabienne St Louis MRI 02:08:32
2. Flavia Fernandes BRA 02:11:55
Results: Elite Men
1. Juraci Moreira BRA 01:50:57
2. Harry Wiltshire GBR 01:51:32
3. Mehdi Essadiq MAR 01:52:02
4. Christopher Felgate ZIM 01:52:06
5. Manuel Kueng SUI 01:52:36
6. Rafael Beserra da Fonseca BRA 01:54:09
7. Ben Allen AUS 01:54:46
8. Eero Raudsepp EST 01:54:58
9. Michael Davidson RSA 01:55:12
10. Yonatan Malka ISR 01:58:37