ITU and ATU combine efforts to develop triathlon

By World Triathlon | 27 Apr, 2016

ITU is pleased to announce that it has signed the Development Grant contract with the African Triathlon Union (ATU), which is aimed to support the activation of National Federations, as well as provide new and emerging Federations resources for development.

“The plan presented by ATU is very extensive, and covers different areas such as support to organize events, as well as athlete, coach and Technical Officials courses. We are very proud of the work our colleagues at the African Triathlon Union are doing to promote and develop our sport, and we feel confident we will see our sport growing more every year in the continent,” said ITU President and IOC member Marisol Casado.

ATU LogoATU President, Ahmed Nasser, presented a plan to use the funds offered by ITU to organize courses and championship races in Ghana, Tanzania, Sudan, Tunisia, Niger, Gambia, Chad, Ivory Coast and Algeria.

“The goal is not to go to each nation and organize the race for them, but instead teach them how to organize races, grow triathlon, and identify talented athletes so that they have the skills to continue our mission on their own to make triathlon accessible to everyone,” said Casado.

“The signing of this development contract is a major step forwards for us as we continue promoting triathlon across Africa”, said ATU President, Ahmed Nasser. “We also will use funds to expand the work of our team, provide additional resources to Federations, and create a sustainable structure for all of our development projects.”

The agreement includes support for athletes from Botswana to participate in the South African Championships, as well as offsetting the costs for athletes, a coach and an official from Djibouti to participate in the Sharm El-Sheik African Cup. A team from Somalia will also receive support to go to the El-Sheik African Cup, while a group from Guinea will participate in the Ivory Coast course and championship event.

ATU will also organize two athlete development camps, as well as offer Level 1 and 2 Technical Officials courses with the funds.