Oceania Sprint Triathlon Championships

By Andrew Dewhurst | 03 Feb, 2014

New Zealand’s own Ryan Sissons and Tony Dodds finished one-two at the ITU Oceania Sprint Triathlon Championships in Kinloch on Saturday, while counterpart Sophie Corbidge won the women’s title. The .kiwi Tri Series race doubled as the New Zealand championships.

Men’s Race:
In the men’s race, Dodds led out of the water but it was Tom Davison who shook up the field on the bike, passing Dodds and teenager Tayler Reid to establish a one minute lead going into the run. Davison is cycling superbly on the back of his third place finish at the recent New Zealand road cycling nationals and showed great strength and form again today before fading on the run leg.

Sissons though paced his effort exceptionally, taking the lead with Dodds by his side with 2.5km to run and then easing clear in the closing stages. Australia’s Brandon Sexton took bronze behind the two Kiwis in 1:02:28.

“I am stoked to win New Zealand and Oceania title and while early in the season it shows we have been doing a lot of good training with the Tri NZ HP team led by Greg (Fraine), Jon (Brown) and Tim (Brazier),” said Sissons. “It is certainly working and we stepped up this weekend, we were clearly the strongest and it is great to see that hard work paying off. It was the same in women’s race with Sophie dominating too.”

Women’s Race:
In the women’s race, Corbidge raced superbly to ride away from the field on the bike, establishing a gap that could not be bridged by Canada’s Ellen Pennock over the 5km run, with Fiona Crombie (NZL) posting a strong run to grab the final place on the podium.

The swim did little to separate the field with the favourites emerging from the water in close contact but once on to the bike a lead group of seven quickly established themselves on the back of their strong hill work and bike handling skills.

Corbidge was driving the train, with a host of emerging New Zealand talent for company also riding with the leaders, as Pennock was the only international to foot it with the Kiwis. Corbidge made her move at the midway point on the bike, surging clear on the downhill back into Kinloch, showing great strength and a tactical awareness beyond her years. She exited on to the 5km run with a 28 second lead over the chasers, with Pennock quick out of transition and off in pursuit of the Kiwi.

Her run was to fall short though, with Corbidge coming home 4 seconds clear of the Canadian 21 year old with Crombie posting the quickest run split of the day to grab a spot on the podium.

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01 - Feb, 2014 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Men
1. Ryan Sissons NZL 01:02:02
2. Tony Dodds NZL 01:02:08
3. Brendan Sexton AUS 01:02:29
4. Tom Davison NZL 01:02:40
5. Etienne Diemunsch FRA 01:03:06
6. Kenji Nener JPN 01:03:08
7. Nick Kastelein AUS 01:03:22
8. Tyler Mislawchuk CAN 01:03:26
9. Martin Van Barneveld NZL 01:03:36
10. Cooper Rand NZL 01:04:11
Results: Elite Women
1. Sophie Corbidge NZL 01:11:51
2. Ellen Pennock CAN 01:11:55
3. Fiona Crombie NZL 01:12:42
4. Nicole Van Der Kaay NZL 01:13:04
5. Jaimee Leader NZL 01:14:03
6. Josie Clow NZL 01:14:36
7. Rebecca Clarke NZL 01:15:29
8. Samantha Kingsford NZL 01:15:53
9. Deborah Lynch NZL 01:16:26
10. Ashleigh Williams NZL 01:16:34
Results: Mixed Relay
1. Team IV New Zealand NZL 01:28:45
2. Team I New Zealand NZL 01:29:18
3. Team III New Zealand NZL 01:29:27
4. Team II New Zealand NZL 01:29:59
5. Team V New Zealand NZL 01:32:09
6. Team IX New Zealand NZL 01:32:20
7. Team VII New Zealand NZL 01:34:43
8. Team VI New Zealand NZL 01:35:28
NC. Team VIII New Zealand NZL 01:31:58
Results: U23 Men
1. Cooper Rand NZL 01:04:11
2. Daniel Hoy NZL 01:04:19
3. Jay Wallwork NZL 01:04:37
4. Mike Phillips NZL 01:05:20
5. Sam Elstob NZL 01:05:36
6. Kieran Mcpherson NZL 01:06:31
7. Tayler Reid NZL 01:06:56
8. Fynn Thompson NZL 01:07:12
9. Sam Ward NZL 01:07:21
10. Michael Perree NZL 01:07:27
Results: U23 Women
1. Sophie Corbidge NZL 01:11:51
2. Nicole Van Der Kaay NZL 01:13:04
3. Jaimee Leader NZL 01:14:03
4. Josie Clow NZL 01:14:36
5. Deborah Lynch NZL 01:16:26
6. Ashleigh Williams NZL 01:16:34
7. Penny Hayes NZL 01:16:49
8. Reubyn Bisschops NZL 01:16:51
9. Francesca Stafford NZL 01:17:02
10. Molly Swanson NZL 01:17:19
Results: 20-24 Female AG Sprint
1. Hannah Sturmer NZL 01:10:16
2. India Kraal NZL 01:11:55
3. Taryn Ryan NZL 01:12:40
4. Sheree Mclean NZL 01:14:52
5. Sophie Wilkinson NZL 01:18:03
6. Ellie Heenan NZL 01:19:38
7. Jessica Barnes NZL 01:20:15
8. Lauren Boyd NZL 01:37:46
9. Lauren Bracken NZL 01:44:52