Arab countries participate in Sport Development Seminar

By Fergus Murray | 02 Mar, 2010

Coaches and technical officials from Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Tunisia and Oman participated in a five day Coaches and Technical Officials` Certification Seminar in Cairo this week.

The event, which was organised by Ahmed Nasser, President of the Egyptian Triathlon Federation, took place at the magnificent facilities of the Egyptian Olympic Committee Sports Complex.

ITU Sport Development Director, Libby Burrell, headed up a strong team of course facilitators.  She was assisted by Franz Studer of South Africa on the coaches` training side, and by Thanos Nikopoulos, ITU Technical Operations Manager and Casper Kriel of South Africa with the technical officials.

Following the seminar, the newly certified technical officials departed for the Suez and the site of the first Egyptian National Triathlon Championships on Wednesday, 3 March.  Besides a strong contingent of athletes from Egypt, the event will also include participants from the other Arab countries.

“Lifestyle Triathlon” will be a focus of the 1st Egyptian Triathlon Championships with fun competitions open to athletes of all ages starting as young as 7 years. 

Ahmed Nasser, who besides being a leader for the development of the sport in the region, is also committed to introducing the sport through his vast contacts in television, radio and the print media. 

Results will be available after the event on

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