By World Triathlon Admin | 11 Jun, 2008

The Nigerian Team made a maiden participation in their first ever World Championship. The Federation which is barely one and a half years old, took the bold step to participate in the World Championship in Vancouver, after having participate successfully in two African Championships.
The team was made up of 3 athletes and two officials. The team was led by the President of the Union, Dr Lanre Glover.
The 3 athletes are KOROUTIMI PARBOR who participated in the AG 30-34, AFRICA AGALABIRI AG 20-24 and PERELATE GBAGI AG 20-24. Also included in the team is DR SIKU JAGUN, the Chairman of Lagos Triathlon..
According to Dr Glover, the bi idea was to feel the terrain in the big league. From here we shall get stronger.
The team was generally happy with the organization and particularly thanked the Executive Director of ITU Loreen for making life much easier for the team with her assistance.